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PM puts forward Maharashtra’s development plans in Nashik rally


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the first century of the central government also has an edge, speed and a clear picture of the coming 5 years. PM Modi was addressing a rally in Nashik, Maharashtra on the concluding occasion of CM Devendra Fandavis’s ‘Mahajanadesh Yatra’. During this time, his target was the leader of the state’s opposition party Congress-NCP. Modi openly mentioned the Kashmir issue in his speech. At the same time, the proposed central government schemes including the development of Maharashtra were also presented to the public. Modi started his speech saying that today Chhatrapati Udayan, a descendant of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, has placed a parasol on my head. It is also an honor and a symbol of responsibility towards Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He is experiencing a special blessedness and considers it a precious moment in his life. NCP leader Udayan has recently joined BJP. PM Modi said, when the Lok Sabha election was at its peak, I came to hold a meeting in Dindori. There was such a huge crowd in that meeting that it had made the BJP wave in the whole country more intense. Today, this rally in Nashik has gone even further. So much public opinion has gathered today.

He said that due to political instability in the earlier governments, Maharashtra did not move as fast as it should have. In the glare of the Mumbai metropolis, far-flung areas of Maharashtra, the poor, farmers fell victim to political instability. Modi said that Devendra Fadnavis ji served Maharashtra after 5 years of unbroken and continuous practice and gave a new direction to the state. It is now the responsibility of Maharashtra to once again take advantage of stable politics under the leadership of Devendra ji.

Modi openly mentioned the Kashmir issue in his speech.


The PM said that when the Lok Sabha elections were held, for the first time after 60 years, a government came back again and elected with a greater majority than before. How the government works when you give strength is an example of our government’s first 100 days of office. He said that the formation of a new government at the center has completed 100 days and the first century of this government is in front of you. This century also has an edge, speed and a clear picture of the coming 5 years. In the rally, the PM said that political pundits see every work of government related to elections. While our government did the work of vaccinating the livestock of the country to protect them from the disease, even if they do not vote. Therefore, our government works for the country, not for votes. He said that the first century has a glimpse of the new vision of the new India in the country, society and the world. There is also the urge to compete with tough challenges, the passion for development and the message of India’s global strength.

Modi said that Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh are embracing new possibilities but the opposition’s partners are also finding political interest in it. Unfortunately, after this decision, the senior leaders of Congress, NCP do not see the kind of treatment and cooperation they should have. Unfortunately, senior leaders like Sharad Pawar are making false statements. They like the neighboring country. The rulers and administrators there find them welfare. But the whole of Maharashtra knows the whole of India and the whole world knows where the factory of terror is. He said that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had taken the ideal of surrendering everything to protect the motherland by taking a pledge of Swarajya. This land of Maharashtra has given birth to a great son like Veer Savarkar ji, Savarkar who has smiled every torture for freedom has given us unprecedented rites of nationalism.

Modi said that we had promised that we will take every step to strengthen the army of the country and empower our soldiers. Recently two super-powered helicopters have become part of our military power; very soon Rafale fighter jet will also strengthen our air force. Bullet proof jackets made in India are being exported to more than 100 countries of the world today. BJP government means the highest priority for the security of the country. There is nothing bigger than the country for us.

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