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Proper sleep is necessary for better memory in old age -Good sleep takes a good mood throughout the day

proper sleep

It has been said in a research that due to lack of adequate sleep or deep sleep, our mood stays upside down throughout the day, which in turn leads to fewer chances of remembering any previous event in old age. Researchers have a deep connection between work memory and three health factors, such as sleep, age, and depressed mood. Work memory is a part of short-term memory that temporarily stores the information needed to cognitive tasks such as learning, reasoning, and understanding, and keeps them organized. How do we develop something, how to use it, and how we remember the information, in all these work memories, plays an important role. University of California professor Vivei Zhang said, “Other researchers have already seen each of these factors linked to the entire functioning of the brain, but our work has highlighted the topic of how this All the factors related to the quality and quantity of memory and it has been done for the first time. “Zhang also said,” These three factors are interconnected. May include. For example, older people are more likely to experience negative mood in comparison to young people. The poor quality of sleep is also often related to a depressed mood. “The researchers conducted two studies. In the first place, the samples of all these things were taken from the 110 college students themselves regarding the quality of sleep and the depressed mood and their relationship with the experimental measures of work memory. In the second, samples of 31 members were taken between 21 and 77 years. In this study, researchers investigated their relationship with age and work memory, to reduce the effect of these three factors on work memory. In this study, researchers can investigate their association with age and work memory. These researchers have statistically separated the effect of these three factors on the quality and quantity of work memory

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