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Proposal for Common Entrance Test in New Education Policy

Proposal for Common Entrance Test in New Education Policy -New essential suggestions for improvement in higher education in the draft of NEP-2015

For admission to colleges, students may have to undergo the Common Entrance Test in the next few days. In the draft of National Education Policy NEP-2015, several suggestions have been given for improving higher education. In the selection of the new education policy, a joint entrance examination has been recommended for the different entrance examinations in colleges and universities. Entrance examinations will be held several times a year for admission in various subjects. After the system is started, the admission process for colleges will be stopped. In the last few years, getting 95 percent and above marks in board exams are becoming more commonplace. In 2018, the cutoff for admission to prestigious colleges like Delhi University was more than 96 percent.
The proposed scheme of the new education policy is currently for feedback among the public. If suggestions of NEP are accepted, then there may be considerable changes in the admission process. Recommendations suggested that the Common Entrance Test should be held several times in the year the NEP has given suggestions. Behind the idea, it has been argued that this will allow students to take the entrance exam many times. Students will also be asked questions related to logic, realization, and topics in the entrance examination. NEP Committee has also suggested several improvements for evaluation of board exams for class 10 and class 12. According to the draft, students will have the opportunity to participate in entrance examinations of many entrance exams and many subjects.

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The National Testing Agency will organize the entrance examination. Under the new arrangement, students will have many opportunities for admission in different universities, and they will be able to take entrance exams in many disciplines so that they will have more choices for elections. At the same time, the university and college will have the option to evaluate the subject-related performance of the students.
Several suggestions have also been given to improve the evaluation of board examinations in the draft of education policy. According to NEP’s ideas, the effect of board examinations is also on the university entrance test. NEP expressed concern over the growing coaching system in education in its recommendation. NEP recommends that during schooling, students should be emphasized on the process of specialization and learning in different disciplines.
The NEP for board examinations has suggested that instead of bringing marks by coaching and rattling months, the emphasis should be on examining a deep understanding of the students’ subject. The CBSE and other boards should also keep in mind that information and interest should be evaluated on the child’s knowledge and subject matter rather than promoting the coaching pattern.Proposal for Common Entrance Test in New Education Policy -New essential suggestions for improvement in higher education in the draft of NEP-2015

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