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Rebellion in Brazilian prison, captured prisoner, 15 dead in violence.


Inmates in Brazil who were sentenced to imprisonment mutual disputes increased so much that they turned into bloody violence. According to reports, 15 people were killed in the clashes between prisoners in prison in the northern Amazon of Amazonian state. The force started around 11 am in the time of meeting with prisoners in the jail located about 28 kilometres from state capital Manaus.
Col Marcos Vinicius Almeida said in a press conference, “There was a fight between prisoners. People died during this period. “Almeida noted that it is being tried to ascertain what the argument was due to. He said that after a few minutes of violence on Sunday the authorities took necessary steps so that the situation did not worsen. In January 2017 prisoners had rebelled in this jail, which led to the death of 56 people.

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