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Rejected the Congress on the proposed wall on the Mexican border

rejected the Congress on the proposed wall on the Mexican border

In the wall case offered on the Mexican border, a federal judge in the US turned down Congress’s request to stop President Donald Trump from using the defence department’s money for the wall. The judge said that Congress has a lack of authority to mitigate. Although Trump’s victory did not go so great because last month, a federal court in California banned the construction of a significant part of the wall. In California, this case was filed by ‘American Civil Liberties Union’ on behalf of ‘Sera Club and Southern Border Communities’ Collegium.
American District Judge Trevor Macfaiden, appointed by Trump, said that in this case the Congress did not have the right, but it does not mean that the legislative body can not challenge the President in the court on the separation of powers. The Justice Department welcoming the decision said that the judge had given a right choice that the delegation cannot ask the judiciary to take their side in political disputes.

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