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Reviewing the New YoloBox, YoloLiv

Reviewing the New YoloBox, YoloLiv newz of day

How interesting will it be to have an all in one device to stream anything live on every network of your choice just instantly? The new 2019 CES award-winning YoloBox also called Yolo liv is not just elegant and compact in its looks but also serves your modern-day needs proficiently. Having built in battery for hassle free field shoot with HD resolution, it is one of the best stand-alone encoder in market right now having both video input and network output for an easy streaming so you don’t need an interface. The device has touch screen operation with dimension of 185*107*19.5mm (LxWxH), up to three cameras input, one USB and one SD card input, both audio input and output, an Ethernet input, one SIM card insert facility and a Type C charging point. The packaging provides two cables, one type C cable for charging, one mount for camera set up with the device, a pouch for keeping the monitor safe and a user manual.

The best bet we have with this device is that it has the ability to connect multiple cameras all at a time to switch through them and stream together. For audio output, either a microphone with its audio-in point or any of the cameras could be chosen to work. There is a separate SD card slot which could be used for recording and saving a stream and special effects to be added through this which could appear on your live stream to make it even more interesting. For example, the venue of an event or other notifications could be added to the live broadcast with this option that provides a customized streaming.

For network connection, Ethernet cable input has been there and what makes this extraordinary is that it comes with a sim card slot as well, so even in case of not having access to an Ethernet link to the internet or a Wi-Fi network, you can use a mobile contract subscription and go absolutely mobile. Additionally there is HDMI out if you want to plug in a monitor or another YoloBox.

For the first time use you need to register an account with an email address and after being verified you can set a password for your account and then on you are supposed to use that account. While using it is easier to first make your camera all set up for shoot and then connect it to the Yolobox to start it to stream hassle free. You can switch between multiple cameras to capture different angles. Why is it so beneficial is because, first of all it saves you a lot of post shoot editing. Anything could be streamed just being live and also could be saved to watch later.

Yolobox is the most efficient for regular videographers and vloggers.

It could make you shoot your event all by yourself as it is easy with no post editing and gives multiple streaming platforms live like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and many more with customization options .

No doubt there are still a few limitations to this device like they only include 2 HDMI cables, but many cameras still use mini-HDMI inputs. Extra cables are needed if anyone uses Go Pro and Canon 5D Mark III as they have mini and micro HDMI inputs. However, the newer generation cameras mostly have regular HDMI inputs, so this won’t be a great deal for those. Also, it doesn’t have a facility to show how many people are watching the live streaming of if anyone could be commenting on the stream and you have to use another device to track the audience. The product is easily available on online shopping platforms like Amazon with a few good reviews. Below are a few examples.

  1. Zameer P.

5.0 out of 5 stars ❤ One of the Best Capture Card Till Date❤

Reviewed in India on 4 October 2020

Verified Purchase

One Of the best product from Cloner Alliance. I simply love the team of Engineer’s who had created it. I actually added to cart and it got out of Stock I was worried that, may not get in

future. It’s not a blind Buy believe me. It’s one of the Outstanding Product.
As soon as it updated, Grab it forever.

  1. Sundarraj m

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent device

Reviewed in India on 30 September 2019

Verified Purchase

Superb device… reasonable price compare to other video capture devices. Quality of product is very good.

Concluding we must say with the advancing of technologies it is inevitable for human beings to move ahead or they will just lag behind their own younger generation. Yolobox is such a thing that could erase the limitations of physical proximities in a very modern and developed form in present era by connecting the old to the new, beyond space and time. And if you really wish to go on capturing the best moments of your lives this device is a best example to serve the purpose. So go Yolo.

Mausumi Mishra

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