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Revolutionizing Food Production!

Food Production- Newz of day

With growing demands of the modern consumers, the food industry brings in new ways of food and beverage productions. Keeping in view the consumer demand to what they wish, how they wish it and new technologies have been invented to serve better. In a world now where consumers want what they want, when they want it, with speed, Big Brands are moving to cut out the middleman. For instance, in the U.S. bypassing chain retailers, one major Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturer launched a subscription service for its detergent.


consumers can now buy other CPG manufacturer’s products, from cereal to sandwiches, at the company’s downtown cafes.

Besides, the abundance of new community sourced and prepared meal solutions poses huge threat to traditional modes of supplies. Consumers can easily bypass retailer doors and rather have their food delivered directly to their pantry or refrigerator if and when they need. Grocery and meal delivery companies even in their start-ups raised $781 million globally midway through 2017. And, in 2016, one of the biggest meal delivery players in the global market secured a $1.25 billion investment from a major e-commerce company.  Also, now a days the local agriculturalists are joining hands with the grocery stores given more demands to organic foods.

Similarly, huge alterations are taking place with technological advancing in food markets globally. The concept if bio-engineering is now at fast pace in manipulating nature and natural products for new ways of food supplies with sufficiency according to the new age needs.

Biology is now being engineered to reinvent various food production procedures and products created in the petroleum era. Apeel, for example is a plant-derived technology that helps in keeping fruits and vegetables, fresh for a long time, up to three times longer without refrigeration. This new technology, Apeel is no less than a revolutionizing logistic, as in many cases a cold chain is no longer needed, greatly decreasing cost and increasing optionality and directly addressing worldwide food waste. A few more companies have engineered products such as non-browning apples, by editing the gene that causes the apple to get brown. These kinds of products are serving great for consumers that help our global systems by extending worldwide trade routes and opening up new markets with reducing a lot of food wastes to a large scale.

Interestingly the new technology is also helping in decreasing slaughters of edible animals by inventing ways to produce artificial edible meats in market.

Keeping in view the rapid growth in population and its demands to food leads to huge production, distribution chains that creates problems of rising poultries, taking a lot of space, taking care of the animals, farming them etc. And besides the rising awareness against animal cruelty is driving a massive population to go vegan and be totally environment friendly. These needs of the new age consumers pave ways to the artificial productions.

To name a few companies like ‘Impossible Foods’ and ‘Beyond Meat’ are already gaining trust and popularity with consumers.

They have created substitute to meat. In 2020, we notice this industry shifting further into producing bioengineered meat directly from animal cells and requiring neither the birth nor slaughter of more animals. There are also alternatives to dairy products that don’t require cows and are made from new plant products such as oat milk to milk products that can be grown in plants. And fish products too, are plentily be grown from these techniques, helping to secure and avail healthy water eco-systems.

Apart from these there is tremendous possibility of robotic and A.I. labor force to get involved in the newer further food production processes making it more efficient and less time consuming although it also brings some downsides with it like loss of employments, cost raises etc. These are a few present developments on global food production chains in modern era that can definitely be called revolutionizing as it is starting to minimize our needs on nature itself.

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