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Ruckus over citizenship law continues, hearing in Supreme Court today

Ruckus over citizenship law continues, hearing in Supreme Court today

The Supreme Court has ordered the petitioners to appeal to the High Court on the incidents of violence and arson in Jamia University area during the protest against the citizenship law. With this, the High Court is free to decide on the arrest. The court has said that incidents have happened at various places, so an inquiry cannot be ordered. The Supreme Court said that in the Telangana encounter case, a commission can look into the case. In this case various incidents have happened in different parts and a commission cannot have that type of jurisdiction. Explain that the protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is going on across the country. Opposition parties are also consistently opposed to the citizenship law. In Jamia, there is also protest against students being lathi charged.

The court has said that incidents have happened at various places, so an inquiry cannot be ordered.

Ruckus over citizenship law continues, hearing in Supreme Court today
Ruckus over citizenship law continues, hearing in Supreme Court today

High court is free to take any decision

However, the court also said that the High Court is free to take any decision regarding the investigation on the matter and the High Court can announce the formation of a committee on it. Two lawyers, including lawyer Indira Jaising, appeared on behalf of the students. He says the police cannot enter the campus without the permission of the Vice Chancellor.

Why did this matter not go to the High Court?

The court asked the petitioners at the beginning of the hearing to first explain to them why their petition should be heard. Chief Justice Bobde said that why this matter did not go to the High Court? The court told the petitioner that you have to understand the legal system. With such cases you are making us trial court.

If violence did not happen then how did it burn?

The petitioner said that this violence is happening all over the country, in which case the Supreme Court will have to interfere. On this, Chief Justice S. a. Bobade said unhappily that we will not do this, do not use such language. When the petitioner said that there was no violence on behalf of the students, the Chief Justice asked how the bus was burnt if there was no violence?

How can the court stay away from this case  lawyer Indira Jai ​​Singh

Advocate for Jamia and AMU students Indira Jai ​​Singh said that this is a case of more than one state, so SIT investigation is necessary. How can the court opt ​​out of this case? The court also heard the Telangana encounter case. We want a similar directive in this case.

To this, Chief Justice SA Bobde said, “A commission could be constituted in the Telangana case and an inquiry could be conducted, but no committee has been formed in this matter which can look into the affairs of the entire country.”

We cannot stop the police from registering an FIR

The Supreme Court said that we cannot stop the police from registering an FIR. What can the police do if someone breaks the law? The court said that you can also go to the High Court in this case.

Tushar Mehta is placing the police side in the court. He said 68 injured people were rushed to the hospital. The court asked the police why the arrest was made without asking, on which they said that no student has been arrested. No one is in jail.

PM Modi appealed to the countrymen

Earlier, PM Modi himself has appealed to all students and countrymen for peace regarding CAA. In this regard, he tweeted several tweets one after another from his Twitter account. Not only Modi, Union Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ has also appealed that students should not be involved in any kind of demonstration.

Opposition united

At the same time, on this whole matter, the Opposition united in a joint press conference and demanded a Supreme Court inquiry into the incident on Jamia’s campus on Sunday. Congress Party General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra also reached the India Gate in the meantime. He said that the attack on students is a blow to the soul of India.

At the same time, Jamia’s students say that their performance will continue. There will also be a performance in Jamia today, which will take place outside the Jamia area. In such a situation, shops in the area have already been closed as a precaution. At the same time, the administration has also closed the university till 5 January, furthering the examination at Jamia Millia Islamia University.

The fire of this Jamia demonstration and police action has not only reached Delhi but also from Uttar Pradesh to West Bengal.

Hearing in Supreme Court today

Jamia case will be heard in Supreme Court today. Earlier, Chief Justice S. S. while commenting on the petition filed in the court on Monday. a. Bobde had said that being a student does not give anyone the right to commit violence, as long as the violence does not stop, there will be no hearing.

Explain that senior lawyers Indira Jaisingh and Colin Gonsalves laid the case before the court alleging police violence against the students in Jamia. In the petition filed in the court, the police were accused of wrongful action against the students of Jamia Millia Islamia University. The Chief Justice told the lawyers that the students cannot say that they have the right to break the law and order.


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