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How convenient is it to have your contacts organized, classified, with all the details and auto updating all at one application in your phone.  Former Google employee and Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer brings you all this brand new mobile app called Sunshine Contacts with an intention of a convenient address-book management in your phone.

The application automatically synchronies all contact data from phone, emails and any other online address books and make them classified for you.

It also has functions like organizing and remembering events, birthdays and group communications. It also auto corrects spellings, gathers and removes duplicate contacts and relationship highlighting in your contacts.

Born in 1975 at Marissa Ann Mayer is an American business woman who is an information technology executive and co-founder and CEO of Sunshine (previously known as ‘Lumi Labs’) who introduced this modern day application. Sunshine develops and applies artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies to automate practical, everyday tasks and aims at creating a fine technology that will make daily tasks effortless. Sunshine reduces the friction of keeping up with personal and professional relationships so people can spend time efficiently.

“We are incredibly proud to introduce Sunshine to the world today,” said Marissa Mayer. She continues, “The essential technologies that help us stay connected to those who matter most are antiquated. They’ve been around forever and we all see them as ‘good enough,’ despite their outsized impact on our interactions and relationships. At Sunshine, we believe there’s an immense opportunity to make the mundane magical. It’s been an extremely challenging and rewarding problem to tackle and we’re just getting started.” Based in Silicon Valley, Sunshine has raised $20 million, approximately Rs. 150 crores in Indian currency and it plans to launch a series of other applications soon. Sunshine Contacts application is free and available for the Apple iOS operating systems.

However looking critically we find Sunshine is not the first application to have efficient ways to manage address-book. There were other applications that have been popular like Contacts+, Cleaner-Merge Duplicate Contacts and likewise. It is not entirely clear as to what Sunshine is offering exceptionally that other similar applications haven’t provided to the market yet.

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