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Technology & Cyber Threats; How Safe Are We?

Technology & Cyber Threats; How Safe Are We?- Newz of day


Right now, we are in this age where we go absolutely digital. Common needs like reading, writing, shopping, paying for stuff and even making friends, almost everything has been made digitally. Be it office, a job, study, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, communication, transaction anything under the sun we do is happening it digitally with our advanced technological inventions in the smoothest ways possible today. It is rather interesting to observe how in recent years things have moved so fast in technological advancing that the relative older generation is sometimes just not capable to adapt to it. We remember posting letters to friends and relatives who era far, going to the local market and stores to buy stuff we needed, and then watching the mobile phones gradually flooding the markets, the device, beyond special boundaries, used for easy verbal communication. Interestingly enough the mobile phone also is a very recent development and with a blink of an eye there arrives the age of smart phones, devices that deal with almost everything in your life in seconds, having voice commands to work for you with AI assistants.

How quickly devices like TV, Radio, Tape Recorders, Cassettes, VCDs, CDs emanated and vanished is really appealing.

However new inventions come with new problems. Problems that are equally modern and challenging. We discuss in this article about issues concerning privacy, data theft and security of individuals that go in Big Data sets in today’s digital age. The Big data phenomena could be understood as collection of huge and complex data storage and processing extensions to modern communication technologies that have given birth to subtle privacy intrusion modes. Types of information goes into different big companies and is stored as Big data processes. The individual information is generally taken directly or sometimes subtly through our daily digital practices. The Big Data phenomena has always been associated with massive scale and daunting complexities.

The spread of the Internet services led to the emergence of big companies like Yahoo, Google, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Big data has greatly enhanced the risks of violation of data confidentiality.

Initially, Edward Snowden (computer programmer and previous employee of NSA) had warned about the Big Data’s privacy harms. Alhough, in the US, leading scholars have also been continuously re-evaluating and re-assessing philosophical and socio-legal foundations of data privacy, 2013 had shocking increase in scholarly publications and open conferences regarding privacy damage of Big Data (Badra,, 2015). The threats from privacy and information breach could occur to anyone as attempt of arbitrary re-identification misuse, targeted identification to a particular individual for any purpose or a correlational attack with stolen identity information of any given person.

The need of the hour is to have new laws as well as new technologies to fight the current issue of security and privacy invasions. There must be a few steps taken to assure a better privacy possession of different data for the benefit of all like making ease of scalability, incorporating A.I. to its custody, classification and management, adopting integrated solution to simplify its running etc. Having proper data dealing strategy with data governance solutions could help further. Moreover, in such a complex era of automation and digitalization we individuals also have the responsibility to use the modern technology wisely. Avoiding careless actions like uploading unnecessary information, logging in to unwanted and unsecured sites and web networks, ensuring secured internet and the like are a few tips that could help us keep ourselves safe and free from cybercrimes.

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