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Ten plants required to be planted in the Philippines, students will only get a degree


Due to the overflowing earth and the end of the forest, the alarm bell is ringing for the environment. The world’s scientists are worried about this. The Parrish Climate Agreement came into existence intending to protect the environment. Now the Philippines government is going to create a different law to save the environment. According to this law, students from the school to the college will be given degrees when they will plant ten plants inevitably. The government believes that if this rule is implemented properly, then 17.5 million saplings can be planted every year. The jungle is becoming less frequent in the Philippines. Due to wildly harvesting, in the last 85 years, the total forest area has decreased from 70 percent to 20 percent. The bill, passed in the Senate of the Philippines previous day, has been named as ‘Graduation Legacy for the Environment Act.’ Now the process of making the law has begun.
Law analysts have described this bill as an essential step to tackle climate change and bring back greenery. Senate Representative Gary Alejano presented the proposal. According to this bill, the education department and the Department of Higher Education along with the agriculture department and the ordinary people also jointly adhere to this law. The government has also identified the places where these plants will be planted. All government agencies have been given the responsibility to monitor it. These agencies will make the plants available to the students and will also take proper care. By implementing the law, 17.5 million plants will be planted every year. According to the UN report, the largest forest area in the world is in Russia. The total forest area here is 45.4%. India is ranked number 8 in the UN’s Forest and Environment Protection list. Forests in India’s 23.68 percent share. Top 10 countries of this list include Brazil, Canada, America, China, Australia, Congo, Argentina, and Indonesia.

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