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Trump says – US-Japan announcement likely in August.


US President Donald Trump said on Monday that he had to work with Japan to fix significant business imbalances. Trump, who arrived on a trip to Japan, said that the big announcement is likely to be on this issue in August.
After the meeting with Trump and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, he said, “In terms of business, I think we will probably make some announcements in August which will be beneficial for both countries.”
He said that both countries would work to resolve the lack of clarity in trade relations with Japan in their country’s view of Trump. Trump, who came here on a four-day trip, said, “We will balance the trade, I think, it has grown fast.”
Abe responded, “I want to discuss a broader discussion on global challenges like North Korea, US and Japanese economies, and I want cooperation in successful bilateral efforts to make the G20 conference successful.” Trump’s statement on his Sunday According to that tweet, the trade talks have made good progress. He added, however, ‘a lot depends on elections in Japan in July, where I have a large number of estimates.’
Sitting near Abe, Trump said that bilateral relations have never been so good before this as it is now because both countries are committed to each other. Despite the different views on the trade, both leaders played golf on Sunday, saw the wrestling of Sumo wrestlers, where Trump gave trophies to the winners.
On Monday, Trump met with his wife, Marlena Trump, of Japan’s Emperor Narhoto and Empress Masaka. Here at the Imperial Palace, the emperor and empress Masako welcomed Trump and a celebration in the festive atmosphere with the introduction of the Rewa Era of America’s first woman Melina. On leaving the post of Akihito on April 30 after his three-decade-long reign, his son Naruhito had worn the crown of the emperor on May one.

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