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Twitter Fleets Rollout Delayed

Twitter Fleets Rollout Delayed

As we all know,

Twitter is a very useful social networking platform, available free to public that allows sharing information, in a real-time news feed by posting short comments.

Public messages sent and received via Twitter, called as ‘tweets’ are limited to no more than 140 characters and could include links to blogs, web pages, images, videos and several other material online. It provides search options with keywords for relevant information and news as well as gives stage to share ideas and opinions nationwide.

Very recently twitter announced a new feature to its consumers called as ‘Twitter fleets’.

This feature on twitter could be compared to what is called as stories in Instagram application. It has posts that disappear after 24 hours. Texts, pictures, videos or any ‘tweet’ could be uploaded to fleets for visibility to a much larger audience. Thus, it expands reach of a user or creator to vast public, hence it could be understood as a good promoter of your account and posts.

Well, according to latest update, the twitter fleet functionality has been delayed a day after it had been launched worldwide as there are a few problems that could be fixed given its performance and stability. The company’s support team said in a tweet on Wednesday. “If you don’t have the feature yet, you may not get it for a few more days.” Twitter on Tuesday launched these ephemeral tweets, called “fleets”, after having first tested the feature in Brazil, Italy, India, and South Korea.

As this feature to Twitter is very new, things are still setting up for a better functionality for users that results in the delay by the team. We hope we get this exciting feature to our twitter accounts back really quickly.

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