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Uncle Sharad Pawar missed his nephew Ajit Pawar’s mind

Uncle missed reading nephew's mind

The Pawar family’s infighting is mainly at the heart of the ongoing high-voltage political drama in Maharashtra. Sharad Pawar, who came after his nephew’s rebellion, got involved in damage control in a hurry and at the moment, Palra is heavy of senior Pawar and deputies CM Ajit Pawar is seen falling apart. By the way, why did this happen? Why did Ajit Pawar suddenly decide to form a mill government with the BJP? Why did no one within the NCP or Pawar family even get a glimpse of it?

The Pawar family’s infighting is mainly at the heart of the ongoing high-voltage political drama in Maharashtra. 

Uncle missed reading nephew's mind

Ajit gave hints on 17

Ajit Pawar had indicated to a great extent about his future move in the NCP meeting held on 17 November at Sharad Pawar’s house in Pune. In the meeting, Ajit surprised everyone by saying that NCP should help BJP in forming the next government instead of tying up with Shiv Sena and Congress. His proposal was turned down because by then the negotiations between NCP, Shiv Sena and Congress had reached the last stage. Several rounds of discussions had taken place between them in Delhi and Mumbai. Even though Sharad Pawar rejected Ajit’s suggestion but then he failed to recognize the danger. Within a week of that, Ajit Pawar revolted and Sharad Pawar and NCP were shocked. By the way, the NCP leadership in Pune meeting not only failed to read what is going on in Ajit Pawar’s mind, but also could not read other signs later. In the small meetings held at Sharad Pawar’s house in Mumbai, Dhananjay Munde and Sunil Tatkare also shared the same opinion that Ajit Pawar had put in the Pune meeting.

Talking in Fadnavis-Ajit

Devendra Fadnavis and Ajit Pawar had a conversation in this regard for the first time on 10 November. Since then, both leaders were talking everyday. Many times, there were many conversations on the same day. Both knew that if the matter between them leaked a little, then their whole plan would be messed up. Something is going on in Ajit Pawar and Devendra Fadnavis, only information was available to NCP in Dhananjay Munde and Sunil Tatkare. Tatkare is considered very close to Ajit Pawar. Munde was chosen because Fadnavis trusted him.

RSS role

The role of the RSS in the entire development also cannot be denied. Actually Ajit Pawar’s maternal cousin Jagdish Kadam is associated with RSS. He was given the responsibility of increasing differences in the Pawar family. Kadam is the Vice President of Deccan Education Society. This society runs many well-known colleges and institutes in Maharashtra and is controlled by the RSS. Kadam spoke to Ajit Pawar and took him into confidence. Ajit felt that he was marginalized in the party. His sons had lost in the Lok Sabha elections. His nephew Rohit Pawar is rising fast in the party. They have differences with Supriya Sule every now and then. All these reasons were motivating Ajit Pawar to take an unexpected and different path.


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