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VHP does not want government representation in trust


The Prime Minister’s desire to convey the message of Indianness through the proposed trust for the construction of the Ram temple may require a prolonged outcry. In fact, the VHP, the leader of the temple movement, demands that the government neither have any representation in the trust nor any place other than those who believe in Vaishnavism, Shaiva and Saguna Brahman. In order to protect the system of worship from familism, the VHP has advocated the adoption of the Badrinath model, where a priest can remain in office only until Brahmachari remains.

The VHP’s international vice-president and instrumental in the Ram temple trial.


Champat Rai, the VHP’s international vice-president and instrumental in the Ram temple trial, said the trust has not been negotiated with the government. However, we believe that ministers or officers should not be included in that. We do not want the continuation of the temple construction hindered by the transfer of officials or the removal of the post of ministers. Therefore, the government should distance itself from the construction of the temple. In fact, the PM wishes to include eminent people from other religions to showcase India’s diverse culture in the Trust to deliver a larger message globally. That is why on Sunday, NSA Doval also took the mind of the religious leaders about this.

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