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Wanting to Save some Space in Your Phone from WhatsApp Photos? Here is how!

Wanting to Save some Space in Your Phone from WhatsApp Photos?- Newz of day


WhatsApp in our mobile phones is so convenient that we are almost totally dependent on it for our communications and conversations.  Its an online chat app where we feel more comfortable and confident in communications, sometimes even than talking over call. WhatsApp also allows us to communicate with emojis, emoticons, gifts and it has scopes for pictures and audio, video sharing. Most of our contacts today have these app in their smart phones and we send receive millions of data daily over this app. However, how smart is this in handling these data that clog our device massively is quite uncertain. In this article we discuss how this image sharing leads to the clogging of storage in our devices and what is the easy fix to that. It is important to understand that more data clogging in our phone’s memory happens for the gifts, audios, videos we share exchange than normal chats. These data automatically take the space in our gallery and shows as pictures or videos through WhatsApp album there.

Recently, there has been a few improvements on this that we find with the updated version of WhatsApp. This version gives you more space and setting to customize what you wish with the privacy options. But before that you need to begin with a clear-out. Some of your longest running and most active WhatsApp chats most likely takes up a sizeable portion of your device storage.

WhatsApp has introduced some of these new storage management tools to help you take back control for the better functioning through some unclogging of the device.

Now you do the following. In WhatsApp, navigate to ‘Settings’ (found in the menu represented by three dots in the top right of WhatsApp), then ‘Storage and data’, and then ‘Manage storage’. This page shows a list of your conversations and how much storage each of them have used. Tap on a person or group and you’ll see how many messages, contacts, photos, locations, gifs, videos, documents and audio messages are saved. You can ‘free up space’ by selecting the option on screen and deciding which categories of data to get rid of from the chat. Well, if you do not want to get rid of all the documents then there is the advantage of ‘Manage Storage’ option that could be used to selectively deleting and saving data. It shows about how much of data has been consumed by WhatsApp in your device

Now the next step is to restrict the auto downloads of data and documents by WhatsApp. By default, on both Android and iOS, WhatsApp will automatically download and save images to your phone. The platform does this so it can provide you with a ‘quick access to your latest photos’. But this setting can be changed. Head to ‘Settings’, then ‘Chats’.

On Android devices turning off ‘Media visibility’ will stop newly downloaded photos and videos from appearing in your phone’s gallery.

While on iOS through the same chat’s menu, selecting the ‘Save to camera roll’ option will let you turn it off.  Besides, WhatsApp has a few options for download settings, they’re found in the ‘Data and storage usage’ menu. The options are broadly the same on both Android and iOS. You can select whether media will automatically download or not if you’re depending on mobile data, connected to a Wi-Fi network, or never. Android also has the option to limit automatic downloads when you’re on roaming mode.

By default, WhatsApp will download images when you have a mobile data connection and video when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network. Customizing these options to never, or only to download everything on Wi-Fi, can help you save some mobile internet data but also comes with the caveat that you’ll have to touch tap each image or video when you want to download them.

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