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without having sex, female Anaconda gives birth to 18 children.


The whole world is surprised by the incident of giving birth to 18 children without co-operation. In an American Boston-based Aquarium, a female Anaconda has surprised everyone by giving birth to 18 children. The birth anniversary Anaconda is eight years old. Its length is 10 feet.
Biology is considered to be a miracle of this phenomenon. How can a female with no mating be pregnant? Now the new search has begun. After this incident, scientists have gone on to an event that involves the breeding of rare species of Pathogenesis, without incident. Pathogenesis in Greek origin is meant by the virgin to process the reproduction process.
This common property in plants
According to scientists, Partho is the process of reproduction without having sex in the process of Janice. This standard procedure is found in plants. Scientists at the UK’s Zoo in 2014 had given birth to children from the Partho Genesis process in Green Anaconda. Then this is the second event.

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