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BJP is sharing it – Mamta Banerjee

BJP is sharing it - Mamta Banerjee

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has alleged that the BJP is sharing Bengalis in Bengali and non-Bengali. After the announcement of the results of the Lok Sabha elections, Mamata, who was detained outside Naihati municipality in protest against the violence against party workers, said she would focus more on the party than the people.
He said, “I Hate BJP-I Hate BJP” I respect and respect Bengal culture. Some goons have taken advantage of the Model Code of Conduct. I will not spare anyone. Dinesh Trivedi has not lost his seat. He has lost some votes. If I am alive, then I will restore this barrackpore seat. I do not live under the mercy of the central government. ‘
Mamta said, “When I was coming here today, some of them came to attack me. I am telling you that I have done battles and bravery in my entire life. I will not suicide. I will not forget anything.’
Mamta said ‘the police’s role was not correct. He was under the Election Commission. I am sorry that they did not do their work. I know everything. I condemn the inaction of the police. ‘
Mamta said, ‘I want to see the end of her (Arjun Singh) political journey. Mamta said that I condemn BJP. They seduced a Bengali woman out of her house and tried to do the wrong things. How can you support the BJP’s rape? I am so embarrassed.’
Mamta said, “Modi Babu has won many seats in the parliament, make your government. But if you plan to apply the President’s rule in our government, now it will think that the big enemy will not be any other than me. Those who came here today abused me, I could arrest them, but I did not do that. If they do not behave properly, then the law will take their path. ‘
Most of the councilors have subscribed to the BJP’s party where Mamta is nabbed in the area of ​​Nahuatl Nagar Palika Bhawan. There is a vast crowd, and the entire road has been closed. The platform is just outside the municipality building. There are several TMC leaders, including Dinesh Trivedi.

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