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When a village girl dreams on wheels Sketer Girl by Manjari Makizni on Netflix

Manjari Makijani's 'Skater Girl' released on the OTT platform is one such film that inspires women and girls in discriminatory Indian villages to live free and play too!

Film writer and director Manjari Makizni said that Skater Girl is not only a good story about a teenage girl who made her fortune in skateboarding, but it is also a story of women empowerment across generations. Skater Girl revolves around the life of Prerna, a teenager from Rajasthan who falls in love with skateboarding despite the restrictions of society.

The catalyst in the film is Jessica, a London-based advertising executive visits the village where Prerna lives and travels around the village with her skateboard.

Many children in the village love skateboarding and this leads Jessica to take the initiative to build a skatepark in the village for the children to use. Veteran actress Waheeda ji, who played the role of Maharani Shanti is a woman who never dares to dream. can’t imagine, But she makes sure of her daughter.

Despite her silence and humility, she has a calm force within her that understands her daughter’s desire for independence. playing Shanti meant understanding what many women in India never dreamed and imagined to have of their is the Character of Prerna’s mother Shanti in the film Played by Swati Das. Like Jessica, Manjaru built a skatepark in Khempur, Rajasthan to shoot the film and later gave it to the villagers for their use. And the main characters playing in this series are Rachel Sanchita Gupta, Amrit Maghera, Waheeda Rehman, Jonathan Redwin, Anurag Arora, Swati Das, Sahidur Rehman, Kamlesh Gill! To know the rest of the story, you can go to the OTT platform Netflix and watch it.

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