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woman gets her baby in the car before reaching the hospital -10-year-old son made video

baby birth in the car

During pregnancy labor, the American woman gave birth to the baby during the car. Niwada resident Rudy Napier was going for a hospital checkup with her three children and husband. On the front seat in the Napier car, while their three children were in the rear seat. Her husband Mike Antony Edison was driving the car, Rudi Napier, sitting on the front bench in the car, gave birth to the child before he reached the hospital. His 10-year-old son, Jayden, captured this whole incident in camera. After watching this video footage after a while, Father Mike decided to share it on Facebook. So far this video has been seen almost 90 lakh times.
Rudy laughed and said that I have never seen this happen in my life till now. I have done some crazy work. The family gets a lot of names when it comes to the world in this unique style of its youngest daughter. Now the family has started fundraising for Facebook so that it can buy a mini-van to bring its entire family safely. After sharing this fantastic video on Facebook, Mike received 150,000 notifications. He also thanked the hospital for the care of his wife and child. Both mother Rudi and daughter Jolie are both healthy.

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