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Worked on fitness to become better and effective player

Indian cricketer virat kohli

Team India captain Captain Virat Kohli said that he has worked on his fitness to become a better and effective player after his return from the Australian tour in 2012. Virat said, “There was a time when I would come out to bat, there was no fear or respect for me in the opposing camp.” I just didn’t want to be any other player. ” My energy level was 120 percent in the match. I recovered so fast that I covered an average of 15 km in each match. I would come back and recover and then move to another city and soon be ready to train again. ‘

Kohli said, “When we came back from Australia in 2012, I saw a lot of difference between us and Australia.

Indian cricketer virat kohliKohli said, “There was so much energy that I could take part in gym sessions and play 10 matches in a short span of 35 days. I played every match with the same energy, I never felt like this. There was no stretch in my body. ”As a cricketer of his ideal Sachin Tendulkar, he considers the skills best, while he considers himself the result of hard work. He said, ‘I know that when I came I was not that much of a skill player, but one of the things I have been that I kept working on myself. If the Indian team had to become the best team in the world, it needed to play a certain way. ”Kohli said,“ When we came back from Australia in 2012, I saw a lot of difference between us and Australia. I realized that if we don’t change the way we play, train and eat, then we cannot compete with the best teams in the world. “He said,” If you don’t want to be the best, then there is no point in competing. “

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